Your Ultimate Guide To Austin’s Holiday Magic – Top 7 Ways to Celebrate!

Eager to spend your holiday season in a city frame filled to the brim with cheer, wonder, and festive fun? Then it’s got to be Austin, Texas. From the first twinkle of a light to the last note of a holiday concert, Austin sparkles with joy and jubilation. Today, we’re going along the lines of “Top 7 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays in Austin” to add the magic of this vibrant city to your holiday plans. So, let’s get started!

1. Light Up Your Night with The Austin Trail Of Lights

Without a question, no holiday season in Austin is complete without a visit to the Austin Trail of Lights. Over five decades stand as a testament to the gorgeousness of this light festival, brightening Austin’s Christmas and embedding itself into the city’s spirit.

A blend of nostalgia and novelty, the 57th Austin Trail of Lights helms the holiday festivities every year at Zilker Park. This magnificent event draws residents and visitors alike into a world where over 2 million shimmering lights glisten along a 1.25 miles trail.

Here are the main attractions:

  • Gaze in admiration at the 155 foot Zilker Holiday Tree. With over 3,000 multicolored bulbs and double streamers, Austin’s moonlight tower transforms into the city’s “biggest” holiday tradition.
  • Take a bite from Austin’s culinary goodness as numerous food trucks fire up their grills and ovens, serving everything from warm cookies, Tex-Mex snacks to barbecued bites.
  • Local Texas bands keep the night alive with holiday music. Artists and performers walk the streets, adding cheer to the beautiful ambiance.

A brilliant way to celebrate your holidays, the Austin Trail of Lights illuminates the spirit of Austin with its radiant celebration!

2. Make a Splash at the Austin Country Club Christmas Boat Parade

The Austin Christmas Boat Parade is an annual reminder that the holiday season has arrived in Austin. As the sun sets, boats filled with twinkling lights gently drift across Lady Bird Lake under the Central Texas skies, announcing the beginning of Austin’s holidays.

What’s special?

  • Along with the spectacle of boats skewed in colorful themes, the reflection of the lights on the shimmering water makes the parade even more magical. It’s like witnessing a moving canvas painted with lights and colors.
  • The Austin Country Club’s patio is an ideal spot to watch the parade. Outfitted in holiday decor, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, watching this spectacle with hot cocoa in hand is an Austin tradition worth experiencing.

3. Countdown to Austin’s New Year (ANY)

Austin’s New Year is the city’s signature event to welcome the coming year. An alcohol-free, family-friendly celebration, Austin’s New Year, is about community, connection, and of course, joyous celebration.

Austin’s New Year (ANY) offers:

  • A whopping 10 hours of entertainment encapsulated into a live music fest with homegrown talent like Shinyribs, Tomar and the FCs, and many more exciting Austin artists.
  • Delightful treats and drinks from an array of international food vendors. Grab a bite of anything from BBQ to vegan ice-cream and wash it down with a locally crafted soda or coffee.
  • Finish strong with the spectacle of the fireworks finale. As the clock strikes midnight, Austin’s sky is set ablaze with a dazzling light display- a perfect way to welcome the new year.

Let your hair down and welcome the New Year Austin-style with celebrations that ignite the night with fun and festivities.

4. Fall Under the Spell of Ballet Austin’s The Nutcracker

Christmas and ballet, a perfect combination, lives on in Austin through the annual production of The Nutcracker by Ballet Austin.

You’ll love:

  • The immaculate execution of Tchaikovsky’s classic by Ballet Austin’s professional dancers. A depiction so perfect, it brings the characters of Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Mouse King to life.
  • The children’s cast that changes each week brings a diversity that keeps every performance fresh and unique. Such a feature also means more children in Austin can participate and add their magic to this much-loved holiday tradition.

The Nutcracker is an enchanting part of Austin’s holidays, making dreams come alive through dance!

5. Grab Unique Gifts at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Austin has its charm when it comes to holiday shopping. With the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, we have a holiday market that supports local artists and serves as a staging ground for exclusive gifts.

The Bazaar offers:

  • A shopping experience where local creative minds showcase their passion through their craft. Whether you’re looking for statement jewelry, unique carvings, photography, or even a mini sculpture, Armadillo Christmas Bazaar has got you covered.
  • Shopping here isn’t merely retail therapy, but a cultural experience. You can enjoy the work of some of Austin’s most talented musicians at a live music concert while you shop.

6. Discover German Traditions at the Austin Saengerrunde’s Christmas Market

Mix a dash of Germany’s traditions with the spirit of Texan hospitality, and voila, you have the Austin Saengerrunde’s Christmas Market. The German Christmas Market is where Austin transcends its city-identity to bring the world closer to its residents.

At this market, you’ll enjoy:

  • A complete German experience! Venture around local craftsmen’s stalls lined with handicrafts, German nick-nacks, food, and drink.
  • Authentic German food and drinks, traditional Glühwein – warm, spiced red wine, and sausages are market highlights. It’s a slice of a German Christmas right in the heart of Texas!

7. Ring in the Holidays at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters Christmas Light Show

Mozart’s Coffee Christmas Light Show is an Austin original that makes your holiday season extra special. Let Mozart’s delicious roast complement the visual extravaganza of their Christmas light show.

Mozart’s offers:

  • A 12-minute light show that begins every evening from mid-November. The lights, perfectly choreographed to your beloved holiday tunes, add a dash of Christmas cheer to your hot cup of caffeine.
  • Apart from caffeinated drinks, Mozarts is also famous for its delicious assortment of baked goods. Cream puffs, crumbly cookies, and divine cheesecakes make your coffee date at Mozart’s a delightful affair.

With its unique ways of celebrating the holiday season, Austin is your ultimate holiday destination. These top 7 ways to celebrate the holidays in Austin will help you navigate through this beautiful city and explore the best it has to offer. So, come along, let’s spread the merriment and create unforgettable memories this holiday season!

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Lauren Critzer

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As much as I loved living in different parts of the country, having a baby boy brought me back to my hometown in Charlottesville, where I now live with my husband, our little one, and two furry friends. I enjoy going to wineries, taking my pups everywhere, and spending quality time with my family.

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