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  • Lauren Critzer
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Austin’s Ultimate Brisket Bounty: In-depth Exploration into the Best Brisket Spots

As a fervent aficionado of succulent, smoky, melt-in-your-mouth brisket, you’ve hit the brisket lover’s goldmine right here in Austin – the heart of Texas. This city boasts an overwhelming abundance of brisket spots that personify the best of Southern cuisine. Let us embark on a culinary journey through the best brisket spots in Austin, experiencing firsthand the joy of Texas’ Brisket Bounty and the sheer decadence of the city’s BBQ scene.

The Heart of Texas On a Plate

Just as music is the lifeblood of Austin, brisket serves as its culinary soul – shaping Austin’s culinary landscape and lending a unique taste to its cultural identity. Additionally, the wide range of brisket joints in Austin can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ll steer your hearty appetite to the choicest places.

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Franklin Barbecue: The Legend

To start your explorative adventure, look no further than the world-renowned Franklin Barbecue. Affectionately called the ‘holy grail of briskets,’ Franklin Barbecue is a pilgrimage spot for BBQ devotees.

Notable Qualities: – It gained legendary status in 2009 when Pitmaster Aaron Franklin opened its doors, gracing taste buds with perfectly smoked brisket that sports a unique Texas-style bark. – Rated as the best BBQ joint in Texas by Texas Monthly. – Regular appearances on national ‘best barbecue’ lists. – An indication of its popularity? Hours-long wait lines.

What to Expect: – When you finally receive your plate of smoky brisket, you’ll be met with the robust flavors of slow-cooked meat so tender that it seems to melt in your mouth. – There’s an in-house dining area where you can sit down and savour the brisket at your leisure. Be warned though, it’s usually full, testifying to Aaron’s success. – Prepare to be enraptured by the tantalizing aroma that wafts from the smokehouse.

La Barbecue: Big on BBQ Heritage

So, where do you navigate next for a bite of juicy brisket? A short distance from Franklin in the Cesar Chavez neighborhood, the BBQ legacy continues with La Barbecue.

Notable Qualities: – This joint, helmed by Laura Mueller, is known for its mouthwatering brisket. It’s as if each slice has been touched by divine smoke, melting in your mouth as you indulge in a symphony of deep, smoky flavors. – Known for its distinctive ‘Cuisine Texicana’ brisket which resonates deeply with the Texan ethos.

What to Expect: – La Barbecue ensures that your wait is entertaining, offering free beer to patrons as you anticipate your order. – The atmosphere here echoes the signature Austin vibe: laid-back, friendly, and vibrant.

Quintessentially Austin: Brisket with a Twist

True to the Austin spirit of innovation, sommeliers of the smoky treat are constantly experimenting with the traditional brisket recipe to create innovative and enticing variations.

Micklethwait Craft Meats: Innovation on a Plate

At the helm of Austin’s innovative brisket scene is Tom Micklethwait’s joint, which offers signature brisket variations like the brisket Frito pie and the Loaded Baked Potato.

Notable Qualities: – Micklethwait succeeds in pairing offbeat toppings with traditional flavors ensuring the brisket retains its essence. – An unconventional food-truck dining experience complements the innovative dishes, immersing you into the eccentricity of Austin.

What to Expect: – The brisket, though served with creative toppings, holds its own with tender, juicy meat encased in a flavorsome bark. – Despite its unorthodox approach, the joint never strays too far from its Texas roots, ensuring traditional BBQ lovers return for more.

Black’s Barbecue: Texas Tradition With a Punch

Taking a detour from the expected, Black’s Barbecue breaks tradition with its robust, garlicky and peppery brisket.

Notable Qualities: – Black’s brisket is distinguished by its signature crust which echoes with the bold versatility of this smoky meat. – As the longest-running barbecue joint in Texas, Black’s Barbecue stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to deliver quality brisket experiences.

What to Expect: – The location on Guadalupe Street provides an ambiance that opens a window into Texas’ revolutionary brisket history. – Additionally, the outlet’s carry-out options ensure that you can savor their brisket anytime, anywhere.

A Dip into Austin’s Brisket Scene: Must-Visit Spots

So, what’s next in the city hailed as the brisket capital of the world? Let’s scout some under-the-radar brisket havens.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ: Tex-Mex Twist on a Tradition

Marking its significance in South Austin is Valentina’s, renowned for its Tex-Mex spin on traditional BBQ.

Notable Qualities: – Valentina’s brilliantly marries traditional Texas barbecue with Mexican flavors within its brisket tacos, a dish that sets it apart from other joints.

What to Expect: – Their brisket, contrastingly smoky outside and moist inside, is wrapped in homemade tortillas, creating a crisply toasted and delicately chewy brisket parcel that’s hard to resist.

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew: The Brew & BBQ Combo

Next up is Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew on North Lamar Boulevard, an unrivaled spot for brisket lovers and craft beer aficionados.

Notable Qualities: – Stiles Switch’s BBQ is most notable for their moist brisket featuring a distinct vinegar punch.

What to Expect: – Here, surprises meet you at every corner, whether it’s their subtle sweet and vinegar-infused smoky brisket or the over 15 craft beers from local Texas breweries that give a perfect pairing with your meal.

Kerlin BBQ: Hidden Gem on East Cesar Chavez

Finally, Kerlin BBQ, a simple food trailer at East Cesar Chavez Street, offers brisket beautifully smoked with post-oak wood, exuding robust flavors that are tantalizingly tempting.

Notable Qualities: – Kerlin BBQ offers one of the unique experiences of savoring delicious brisket with an impressive flavor profile in an outdoor setting.

What to Expect: – The brisket, which is a crowd favorite, sports a beautiful smoky ring and a perfect ‘bark-to-meat’ ratio. – Pair your brisket with their trademark blue cheese coleslaw, and you’ll be musing over this extraordinary culinary pairing.

Austin – Home of Heavenly Brisket

In essence, Austin’s brisket scene is a protein-rich utopia where brisket marries smoke and spices in an unrivaled gastronomic dance. Whether it’s the long-cherished favorites or the audacious new variants, Austin’s brisket offerings cater to everyone – be it seasoned brisket enthusiasts or adventurous beginners.

Remember, these joints are not just serving barbecue; they are chronicling a part of Austin city’s rich history. So, grab this guide, prep your taste buds, and embrace Austin’s brisket experience – where the smoky aroma is as intoxicating as the savory bites.

Just remember – when in Austin, you do brisket! Now go ahead and savor your adventure!

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